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Crown Cruise Vacations | May 24, 2024

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The Best Beach in the Caribbean

We won’t lie, we’re big fans of Club Med. We’ve definitely talked about it before, and we had a fabulous time when we were at Sandpiper Bay in Florida. But with spring coming upon us, people in the office are getting itchy to get away from it all for a while… and the more we think about where to go, the more we’re drawn to Club Med again, this time at Turkoise – the adults only all-inclusive resort at Turks and Caicos.

Some honesty about the resort is in order here. People don’t come to Turkoise for the rooms. They’re nice enough, but its not the rooms that make this resort. It’s not the spa either, it doesn’t have one. It does have an adults-only atmosphere, great fun at night and a fabulous beach. The pristine beach is the draw here, and on the island of Providenciales, there’s not necessarily a lot else to see.

This is a resort to get away from it all. Golfing is available, and so are the more traditional things like Trapeze. But the beach is really amazing, and long. And its the big draw. Unless you take into account the diving. There’s amazing diving too, after all Turks and Caicos is often considered one of the top five diving destinations in the Caribbean and there’s a lot of it available to you.

We found this great video for you to enjoy about diving at Club Med’s Turkoise. We hope it gets you as excited as we are to get away from it all.

Great deals abound at Club Med Turkoise this spring. And last minute deals are definitely available. Click here or call a Crown Cruise Vacations agent to get started planning your Caribbean getaway.