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Crown Cruise Vacations | May 24, 2024

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American Cruise Lines Offers Only Cruises in the World to Dock in Washington, D.C.

March 26, 2024 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

As the only cruise line in the world to sail on the Potomac River into the heart of the nation’s capital, American Cruise Lines offers travelers a unique look at the treasures of Washington, D.C., including Judy Garland’s famous Ruby Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz.” Read more...

Cruise on Columbia & Snake Rivers Perfect for Locks & Dams Lovers                            

February 1, 2024 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

Whenever our cruise ship approached a lock or dam, we all seemed to head for a great viewing point. Just like little kids, we were excited to watch the magic of river locks.

For cruisers who would like to see and learn more about locks and dams, the Columbus and Snake Rivers are a wonderful place. And American Cruise Lines offers some terrific cruises for an up-close experience. Read more...

Repositioning American Jazz riverboat to West Coast

April 7, 2023 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

Ever wonder what it’s like to move a riverboat from the Mississippi River to San Francisco Bay? Sure can’t pack the vessel aboard an airplane or box it up for Fed-Ex delivery.

In fact, the repositioning of a riverboat from the lower Mississippi River to San Francisco is a journey that travels 4,806 nautical miles and takes several weeks of cruising. Read more...

Follow the Lewis & Clark Expedition on American Cruise Lines voyage

February 22, 2023 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

From 1803 to 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled thousands of miles across North America. Descending the rivers that flow westward off the Rocky Mountains brought them into the beautiful region that American Cruise Lines now travel.

But the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s journey along 465 miles of the Snake and Columbia rivers was drastically different from the smooth navigation provided today by the eight federal locks and dams, plus the comfort offered by American Cruise Lines riverboats. Read more...

American Jazz riverboat offers new California river cruises

February 11, 2023 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

The new American Jazz riverboat is repositioning from the Mississippi River to the West Coast for new California river cruises beginning in February 2023. The cruises are the first of their kind since the 1940s.

“Exploring San Francisco Bay and the California Delta by U.S. riverboat is a momentous occasion for domestic river cruising and another first for American Cruise Lines,” Charles B. Robertson, president and CEO of American Cruise Lines, said in a news release. Read more...

Fast, consistent and free WiFi added to 2023 American Cruise Lines

January 26, 2023 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

One of the frustrations cruise passengers often experience aboard a vessel is poor WiFi. Maybe it is slow. Maybe it doesn’t work. And maybe it is just too darn expensive.

American Cruise Lines has announced that all ships in the fleet will sail into 2023 with high-speed, consistent and complimentary WiFi. Read more...

California Dreamin’ With American Cruise Lines

September 18, 2022 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

American Cruise Lines is heading to California and inviting cruisers to come along. Beginning in 2023, the country’s largest small ship cruise line will offer a brand new eight-day San Francisco Bay cruise.

American Cruise Lines’ first-ever California cruise will explore the City on the Bay, Napa Valley and the San Joaquin Valley. Read more...

American Cruise Lines adds personalized coaches for passenger comfort and safety

August 18, 2020 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

By Jackie Sheckler Finch

Here comes the American Cruise Lines coach rolling down the road. The road?

Yep, the popular riverboat line has added personalized private coaches for the convenience and safety of passengers. It certainly is easy for American Cruise Lines passengers to identify their special bus when it pulls up. Read more...