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Crown Cruise Vacations | October 22, 2021

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New Disney Wish to Unlock ‘Hidden Magic’ on Ship

New Disney Wish to Unlock ‘Hidden Magic’ on Ship
Jackie Sheckler Finch

Imagine using an enchanted spyglass to magically set sail for the worlds of Moana, Tiana, Peter Pan, Nemo and more. That’s what Disney Wish guests can do with a first-of-its-kind interactive experience.

Combining imagination, technology and the magic of a wishing star, Disney Uncharted Adventure will take guests on a multi-dimensional voyage into the worlds of iconic Disney and Pixar characters.

“With the Disney Wish, we have an incredible opportunity to immerse our guests in the worlds of their favorite stories in surprising, interactive and completely unique new ways,” Davey Feder, software product manager for Walt Disney Imagineering, said in a news release.

“With Disney Uncharted Adventure, we’re literally putting the power in our guests’ hands to become the heroes of a grand adventure that can only be done on a Disney cruise,” Feder said.

Using the Play Disney Parks app – and with some help from their guides, Captain Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse – guests sailing on the Disney Wish will transform their mobile devices into a spyglass as their key to unlocking adventures, solving puzzles, conquering quests and ultimately saving the day.

“While guests will need a mobile device to play, this isn’t a traditional mobile gaming experience,” Feder said. “This is a heads-up, active experience that can be played with family and friends.”

The adventure will begin before guests even set sail. Leading up to a cruise on the Disney Wish, the app will reveal a special greeting from Captain Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, who will help guests prepare for the journey ahead by highlighting the important role of the night sky in seafaring – particularly the ever-shining wishing star that lights the way.

Once on board, guests will use their spyglasses to reveal never-before-seen views of the stars above, where enchanted constellations take shape as recognizable icons from Disney and Pixar stories.

“The magic will happen all around the ship,” Feder said. “The spyglass is not where the adventure takes place – it’s just the tool that brings the ship to life, opening portals into new worlds and allowing guests to interact with them.”

Guests will choose where to go next, charting a course toward adventurous locales such as Motunui, New Orleans, Neverland, Sydney and more. Each quest will take them on an expansive journey throughout the Disney Wish as they are prompted to seek artwork, signs and props that magically transform to bring the characters and settings of these story worlds to life all around them.

“We are infusing the Disney Wish with innovative technology, like augmented reality and physical effects, to create a hidden layer of magic that can only be unlocked with Disney Uncharted Adventure,” Feder said.

“Guests might admire a beautiful painting today without realizing that, hiding right beneath the surface, there’s a hoard of mischievous Kakamora from the world of Moana just waiting to escape and wreak havoc on the ship,” he added. “A digital menu board might showcase who’s for lunch in the afternoon, but later it will host a cooking lesson in Tiana’s own kitchen.”

Along the way, guests will join the heroic characters who inhabit each destination on a mission to find the star fragment that landed there. Highlights include:

* Teaming up with Moana to navigate their canoes beyond the reef.

* Helping Tiana cook the perfect pot for her father’s favorite gumbo.

* Summoning Tinker Bell to give the Disney Wish an extra dash of pixie dust.

* Making an epic dive into the East Australian Current with Nemo and friends.

The adventure culminates in a grand finale hosted in one of the ship’s premier entertainment venues. During this live interactive experience, guests will gather with other players to battle an infamous Disney villain (who’s been pulling the strings all along) and finally restore the wishing star to its rightful place in the sky.

Disney Uncharted Adventure is being developed with flexibility, replayability and customization in mind. Guests will be in charge of their own adventure, choosing when and how to play.

Some guests may not complete every quest but can still enjoy the finale event. Others may choose to play again and again, only to discover new surprises and rewards each time. Families can play together on up to six devices at once, or team up on only one or two devices at a time.

The Disney Wish will sail its maiden voyage on June 9, 2022, followed by a season of three- and four-night cruises to Nassau, Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Photos courtesy of Disney Cruise Line