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Crown Cruise Vacations | October 22, 2021

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Cruise into Alaska on new Ocean Victory in 2022

Cruise into Alaska on new Ocean Victory in 2022
Jackie Sheckler Finch

 Alaska has another vessel set to sail “The Last Frontier.” Victory Cruise Lines announces the debut of its new Ocean Victory in 2022.

“My most memorable travel experiences have always been journeys of complete immersion – whether it’s in a culture, an ecosystem, region or simply being immersed with my family and fellow travelers,” John Waggoner, chairman of Victory Cruise Lines said in a news release.

“Alaska is such an incredible destination, and our Ocean Victory expedition sailings were created to deliver an unmatched level of immersion for guests to experience this singular region like never before.”

Accommodating only 186 guests, the focus of the expedition program is exploring Alaska up close. The Ocean Victory will sail between Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sitka, Alaska. The ship will feature ports of call that larger ships cannot access, including Baranof Island’s eastern coast. Sailings will be available in May, June, July, August and September 2022.

Created for intimate access with an innovative X-Bow design, the vessel from the Hornblower Group company will sail 12 and 13-day journeys through the less-traveled regions of Alaska’s Inside Passage led by a seasoned expedition team. Victory Cruise Lines is a sister brand of the American Queen Steamboat Company.

Like-minded explorers will deploy kayaks and Zodiacs with expedition leaders, view wildlife from sliding observation platforms, witness marine research by California Polytech University students in real time and have engaging discussions with First Nation leaders.

Ocean Victory’s inaugural Alaskan season expedition highlights include:

  1. Anan Creek Bear and Wildlife Observatory: Cruisers will venture into the Alaskan wilderness for a look at the forest’s wildlife in its natural habitat. Passengers will have the opportunity to travel by jet boat from Wrangel through the Eastern Passage to the Anan trailhead. Anan Creek provides a perfect landscape for an observatory as it is one of the largest salmon runs in Southeast Alaska. This makes it a prime location for the local bear population to feed as well as bald eagles and harbor seals. At the Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory, guests will experience up-close views of these majestic creatures.


  1. Five Finger Whale Lighthouse: Historic Five Finger Whale Lighthouse is located at the confluence of Stephen’s Passage and Frederick Sound in Southeast Alaska. The island on which it sits and the surrounding waters are a home to nesting seabirds, foraging songbirds, bald eagles, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, harbor porpoise, transient killer whales and large numbers of humpback whales.


  1. Kake Tlingit Village: Cruisers will experience the traditional culture of Kake and participate in Tlingit long-standing traditions. Just a short walk from the dock is the community hall where a carving or weaving demonstration will take place. Then guests can step out onto the dance floor where local dancers will perform traditional songs and dances. Guests also can see the world’s largest one-tree totem.


  1. Petersburg: In Petersburg, the Ocean Victory docks right beside Alaska’s largest home-based halibut-fishing fleet, which calls this shallow, protected harbor home. These abundant waters and endless supply of ice from nearby LeConte Glacier led Norwegian fisherman Peter Buschmann to build the region’s first cannery and invite his fishing countrymen to join him. Hence, the town’s name and its strong Norwegian culture. With large cruise ships unable to access Petersburg, Ocean Victory’s smaller size allows guests the unique opportunity to call on this charming, authentic Alaskan village.


  1. Waterfall Coast: Guests will be challenged to keep track of the vast number of waterfalls encountered along Baranof Island’s beautiful eastern coat, the little known “waterfall coast.” Ocean Victory’s many observation areas invite guests to enjoy this scenic landscape from on board or right at water level by kayak or Zodiac. This almost hidden shoreline also is prime for wildlife discovery from seals and deer to tide pools ready to reveal secret worlds and treasures.

Photos courtesy of Victory Cruise Lines

Cover photo: The Five Finder Lighthouse on Five Finder Island in the Stephens Passage and Frederick Sound, Alaska.