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Crown Cruise Vacations | June 18, 2019

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Visiting Princess Cays, the private island retreat of Princess Cruise Line

March 7, 2018 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

     Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

Bill plans to snorkel and take photos of the colorful fish in the coral reef. Mae is looking forward to browsing through local arts and crafts at beach shops. And their son Mike wants to practice his paddleboarding.

The family from Maine says they have been looking forward to Princess Cays which offers plenty of adventure and attractions. Or folks can just lean back in a beach chair and relax. Read more...

Sipping ‘mocktails’ as part of Regal Princess beverage package

February 9, 2017 | Jackie Sheckler Finch

A pet peeve of mine is cruise ships that charge inflated fees for soft drinks. My caffeine of choice is cola, Pepsi preferably, which many cruise ships don’t carry. It irks me to pay almost $3 for a small can of Coke or to buy a cruise-long soft drink package at a hefty charge. Read more...

‘Cook My Catch’ now offered on Princess Alaskan cruises

March 28, 2016 | Marie Poynter

What could be tastier than your own fresh-caught fish deliciously prepared by a talented chef? Princess Cruises is now offering that dining delight on Alaskan cruises.

Called “Cook My Catch,” the culinary experience allows guests the ability to enjoy their very own catch of the day while on vacation with Princess cruise line in Alaska. Read more...

A Private Princess Moment

March 11, 2013 | Heidi

Who doesn’t want to own a private island in the Caribbean, a secluded place to get away from it all? When I cruise, I always appreciate the cruise lines that have their own exclusive stopping places with no one else but the cruisers on our trip.

Located in the Bahamas, Princess Cays belongs to Princess Cruise Line. Situated on the southern portion of the island of Eleuthera, Princess Cays is about 80 miles from Nassau. Read more...

Acupuncture a Popular Treatment on Cruise

February 11, 2013 | Heidi

With acupuncture needles sticking out of her body, my daughter Kelly began to think she must be nuts.

Why did she choose this spa treatment? She could be pampered with a soothing aromatherapy massage or a relaxing seaweed facial. Why was she letting a woman stick needles in her? Read more...

Houston, we have a Cruiseship!

November 29, 2012 | Roger

The people who built the Houston Bayport Cruise Terminal have got to be breathing a sigh of relief these days. The $100 million terminal was built in 2008 to host no ships whatsoever. The terminal has been an expensive white elephant for the city until this month, when both Princess and Norwegian Cruise Line announced plans to homeport in Houston, instead of its more entrenched Texas counterpart, Galveston. Read more...