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Crown Cruise Vacations | November 24, 2020

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Read All About It: Cruise Blog Posts About the Famous Heidelberg Student Kiss, Expedition to Iceland’s Geysers, Napoleon Bonaparte and Eu De Cologne, and Much More – Crown Cruise Vacations

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Read All About It: Cruise Blog Posts About the Famous Heidelberg Student Kiss, Expedition to Iceland’s Geysers, Napoleon Bonaparte and Eu De Cologne, and Much More

Sophisticated Cruise Specialists at Crown Cruise Vacations Provide Exclusive Offers, Exceptional Value & Unparalleled Service

PRINCETON, N.J. (Nov. 14, 2015) – Crown Cruise Vacations cruise specialists offers exclusive deals for ocean cruises, river cruises and land destinations – all at great value. In addition Crown Cruise Vacation’s blog gives insight into cruises, destinations and excursions by travel writers that are writing from experience.

On the blog, you’ll read cruises and about such cruise trip destinations, excursions and trivia as:

On a river cruise stop in Heidelberg, Germany, find out about the famous Heidelberg Student Kiss and you can even enjoy one yourself at the Café Knösel. There’s a story behind the kiss, of course, and it has to do with chaperoned young women at finishing school being admired by young men studying in the city.

If you can see your way to an expedition cruise on the Quark Ocean Diamond ship and Iceland, you will learn that the English word “geyser comes from the Icelandic “geysir.” Haukadalur is a valley in Iceland that contains the island’s largest and most famous geysers, including Geysir and Strokkur. Geysir is the earliest geyser known to Europeans, which is why the famed natural phenomenon was called geyser. Eruptions occur at Geysir infrequently but more frequently lately.

Perfume lovers will love a cruise ship visit to Cologne, Germany, alongside the Rhine River. Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte loved Eau de Cologne so much that he ordered 50 bottles a month? The famous emperor used the fragrant water extravagantly and supposedly had special boots designed where he could stash an emergency bottle of cologne.

In 2016, the Princess Cruises’ Diamond Princess will spotlight Japanese culture on cruises to Japan. The variety of voyages offered on Diamond Princess, ranging from four to 20 nights, include the whole of Japan on Circle Japan voyages; northern Japan on Circle Hokkaido Island voyages, with a visit to Korsakov, Russia; and southern Japan on Kyushu Island voyages featuring maiden ports of call in the beautiful southern beach port of Miyazaki and the famous castle ruins of Yatushiro, and voyages to Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands.

On a Mediterranean cruise ship stop in Greece, experience some real world history, going back to the first century AD. The small volcanic island of Milos in Greece is beautiful and dotted with thermal springs considered to have therapeutic benefits. It is filled with intriguing history and has about 70 beaches for great swimming, fishing, hiking and boating.

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Sophisticated cruise specialists at Crown Cruise Vacations provide exclusive offers, exceptional value & unparalleled service and can assist with any cruise information and booking.

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