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Crown Cruise Vacations | November 27, 2020

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Crown Cruise Vacation Blogs Are Some of The Most Interesting on The Web: Cruise the South Pacific, Visit a Site Made Sacred By Hallucinogenic Fumes, Or Dine With a Croatian Family

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Crown Cruise Vacation Blogs Are Some of The Most Interesting on The Web: Cruise the South Pacific, Visit a Site Made Sacred By Hallucinogenic Fumes, Or Dine With a Croatian Family

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PRINCETON, N.J. (April 27, 2017) – There are an unlimited number of options available for travel, and one of the best ways to explore a variety of cruises and destinations is to read the experiences of cruise travelers and writers. Crown Cruise Vacation’s blog is an excellent way to explore the four corners of the world vicariously- and then use that information help choose your next cruise vacation! Where do you want to go? You can cruise the South Pacific, visit a site made sacred by hallucinogenic fumes, or dine with a Croatian family- and more!

Following is a recap of recent Crown Cruise Vacation blogs. (To see all blogs, click here.)

Cruising to French Polynesia aboard Oceania Sirena

Ah, Tahiti… The name conjures images of balmy beaches, spectacular sunsets, friendly folks and long lazy days sweeping away cares of the world.

The thought of visiting Tahiti is certainly a dream scenario. Never did I think it would happen but here I am heading for that faraway island.

And I am going to visit French Polynesia in one of the best ways possible – on a 10-day cruise aboard the new Oceania Sirena. More…
Shore Excursion: Hallucinogenic fumes made Delphi famous

When goats started tripping down the hill with luminous looks in their eyes in 1400 BC, local folks began to wonder what was going on.

“Following the goats back up the hill, they saw the goats were inhaling fumes from a crack in the ground,” tour guide Penny said. “Crazy goats.”

Maybe. But crazy folks, too.

Because those magical fumes induced hallucinations, Delphi soon became known as a holy place, the center of the ancient world where the god Apollo would speak to his followers through a fume-breathing priestess.

It was in Delphi that magnificent monuments were built, showcases of power and wealth were displayed, leaders came from everywhere to hear what the hallucinating priestess had to say and important decisions of the day were made.  More…

Croatian home dinner a highlight of cruise

Twilight drifts slowly over the countryside. A shepherd guides his flock up a narrow lane. A man weeds a potato patch within a high stone wall. The day’s end serenade of nearby songbirds floats on the wind.

And a 16-year-old named Ivo waits to greet us as we disembark from our tour bus. The large vehicle can go only so far on these old byways so we follow the boy to our much-anticipated home dinner in the Croatian village of Gromaca.

“The home-hosted dinner is something we are very proud of at Grand Circle Cruise Line,” said M/V Athena program director Antun Maticevic. “The people are very warm and hard workers. They grow almost everything they serve.”

Our 32 cruise passengers are divided into smaller groups so we don’t overwhelm any one host. Located 10 miles north of Dubrovnik, Gromaca has a population of about 140. Walking through the peaceful early dusk, it seems as though we are entering a place where time has stood still.



These adventures, and many more can be found on the Crown Cruise Vacations blog.

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