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Crown Cruise Vacations | May 28, 2020

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PONANT- Unique Itineraries, New Destinations, New Experiences

PONANT- Unique Itineraries, New Destinations, New Experiences

Cruising with PONANT provides guests with destinations including mooring in the heart of Mediterranean hidden bays, sailing between the majestic glaciers of Antarctica, an expedition to the remote lands of Alaska, or island hopping in the Caribbean.

To find out more about PONANT, please contact Crown Cruise Vacations.

Read on for a list of PONANT’s destinations:

AFRICA-The cradle of humanity, Africa is a destination with 1001 faces. This exceptional mosaic of colors and dialects is the foundation for the cultural richness of the world’s oldest inhabited continent. This wild and unchanging land also boasts an infinite variety of landscapes. Forested savannah, cosmopolitan cities, arid deserts, remote villages, majestic mountains and picture-postcard beaches form an authentic setting that is home to extraordinarily prolific wildlife. PONANT invites you to discover this ethnic and topographical diversity during its African cruises. Through the various itineraries on offer, you will steep yourself in the very unique atmosphere of the continent.

ALASKA– With its wide-open spaces, gigantic glaciers, jagged mountains, tundra that stretches out to infinity and sparkling lakes, Alaska invites you to journey in the footsteps of the fur traders and gold prospectors!

Cruise along the South East coast of Alaska, whose “Interior Passage” was crafted by the sculpture of imposing glaciers to make room for vertiginous fjords. Here, Nature is shaped by glacier fronts, coniferous forests, and myriad islands and islets where the soft light of the midnight sun lights up the sky and the horizon. Do not miss this opportunity to discover Juneau, the Alaskan capital long inhabited by the Tlingit Indians, Skagway, or Haines, over whose colorful houses flies the majestic Bald Eagle.

ANTARTICA- “The Antarctic exerts the powerful attraction of the inaccessible which leads Man to become passionately engaged. One is never the same after returning from a long stay on the white continent.” Jean-Louis Etienne

For centuries the Antarctic remained like a ghost on the map of the world, yet today the “White Continent” exerts a powerful fascination. Explored by man since only 1820, this vast icy continent offers spectacular mountain scenery, the world’s biggest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife: fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, sea elephants, orcas and whales in large numbers live side by side in this grandiose landscape. Who has not dreamed of savoring that white stillness, an extraordinary spell-binding atmosphere of total serenity unequalled anywhere else on Earth. On the horizon, blocks of ice collapse into the sea forming vast icebergs of all shapes and sizes, eroded by the wind and the waves.

ASIA- For all travelers, seeking the exotic appeal of diverse cultures, individual yet merged, Asia is bound to fulfil all your wishes…

Discover the mysterious and captivating ancient continent of Asia through unique stopovers, and to get as close as possible to its history, traditions and many vestiges.

Marco Polo was right: though it may originally have been seen as a singular destination, its wealth and treasures are plural.

CARIBBEAN- Magical islands, heavenly settings and an easygoing lifestyle… welcome to the Caribbean!

It is hard to resist the charm of these islands afloat on a turquoise and indigo sea, where time seems to stand still. Between coral reefs and mountainous reliefs, gentle sea turtles and vibrant flora, this region contains so many natural treasures; an exceptional ecosystem both on land and at sea.

LATIN AMERICA- It is impossible to paint a portrait of this continent, so rich in experiences where there is much to explore.

A vast territory, a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years and unspoiled Nature, the South American continent with its multi-colored cultures will amaze you by the diversity of its immense landscapes: waterfalls, arid deserts, volcanoes, tropical forests, and a truly extraordinary flora and fauna: sea lions, parrots, Pink dolphins, guava trees, rubber plants and mangrove swamps.

NORTH AMERICA- With both a Pacific and an Atlantic coast, North America has always been a vast land of opportunity. A melting pot of communities coming from the four corners of the earth, it is fascinating for its cultural diversity and its sheer scale. These patchworks of populations and landscapes with their varying colors will make your cruise in America a trip that is rich in adventure. From the wild open spaces of the Canadian Far North to the spectacular cities of the United States, PONANT will take you to the heart of legendary lands where everything is larger than life.

NORTHERN EUROPE– In a region that was once the site of a vast empire, the Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia have emerged, rivalling one another for their charm and elegance. Today they proclaim their membership of the Western world, but that does not mean they deny the strong Russian influences of their heritage.

Aboard one of PONANT’S ships, discover the unique atmosphere of the Nordic capitals, visiting Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Russia, with their architectural treasures and open-air museums. The itinerary also takes in St Petersburg, the city of the Tsars, nestled on the banks of the Neva River, as well as London, the most cosmopolitan of European Capitals, the theatre for new trends and a brand-new port of call for PONANT.

Further north follow in the footsteps of the ancient Vikings along the coast of Norway with its lakes and glaciers forming natural pockets of paradise. You will enter the land of fjords, and their extraordinary landscape made of lush green valleys whose snow-capped summits proudly reach for the sky, and silver flecked waterfalls tumbling down granite cliffs.

OCEAN VOYAGE- Between two seas or between two continents, PONANT invites you onboard for their Sea Voyages several times a year.

Sea lovers, dreamers, keen observers of the endless horizon are invited to these non-stop trips, which allow you to enjoy the convenience of ships and share the lives of crews.

PACIFIC AND OCEANIA- The waters of the Pacific, the Earth’s largest ocean, are home to many treasures. We invite you to discover legendary islands whose names alone are enough to conjure up idyllic images: Polynesia, Hawaii, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands… all magical places of incomparable beauty. In Polynesia, Hawaii and New Caledonia, the coral atolls encircle the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Composed of deserted fine sand beaches and volcanic peaks covered in dense forest, these island paradises invite you to discover their unique underwater treasures. You’ll also discover the friendliest people you’ll ever meet – custodians of ancestral traditions that are maintained to this day.

Farther South, standing as a faraway dreamland where Aborigines live in perfect harmony with environment, Australia will treat travelers to the unique experience of the last remaining virgin lands. This vast country is home to a concentration of sumptuous natural treasures, such as the Great Barrier Reef and hundreds of national parks. Off its East coast, New Zealand, the “land of the long white cloud” is an insular realm, an Eden composed of two islands with an infinite variety of landscapes: the volcanoes in the North contrast with the majestic glaciers in the South. Come and join PONANT to discover these islands steeped in timeless charm.

RUSSIA- Eastern Russia is a part of the world that is unfamiliar to the general public, the volcanic Kamtchatka peninsula offers a truly remarkable and infinitely beautiful natural show, where the word “wild” really comes into its own. Fire, Land and the Ocean have created an untamed paradise, which is still free and almost forgotten. Like a jewel in its presentation case, the unspoiled nature will open to reveal its 200 volcanoes, acid lakes, geysers and primary forests.

THE ADRIATIC- In the heart of the Adriatic the rugged coastline of Dalmatia reveals the majestic citadels of Dubrovnik, Split and Kotor, so many thousand-year-old remains which have survived the test of time.

THE ARTIC- There are places in this world whose primeval beauty evokes feelings of a rare intensity: with its stunning landscapes, the Arctic is one such place.

At the heart of these faraway lands, when the ice floes break up, when the sun no longer sets below the horizon and the snow-covered peaks shed their white mantle for a brief Summer, our ships will find their way to introduce travelers to a polar desert of ice and water, a world where time stands still.

Far from the usual cruise itineraries, from Iceland to Spitsbergen, from Greenland to the mythical Northwest Passage via the unspoiled coastlines of the Russian Far East, cruise in the wake of the great Explorers who dreamt of one day conquering this remote region.

THE MEDITERRANEAN- Sail around the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean with the azure sky as your backdrop, aboard Le Ponant and Le Boréal. The sunshine, mild climate and beauty of the landscapes are undoubtedly the source of this region’s reputation as the world’s leading holiday destination.

Craggy coastlines or smooth rounded shores, Mediterranean pines, cliffs that overhang the sea or inlets of clear water, fragrant coastal pathways, hills planted with olive trees, picturesque villages – PONANT offers you the magic of these lands, a blend of classic destinations and unexpected treasures. The countries that border this legendary sea are home to some of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces and enjoy an exceptional quality of life. All are teeming with magnificent treasures, some famous, some forgotten.

To find out more about PONANT, please contact Crown Cruise Vacations.

Destination descriptions and photos courtesy of PONANT