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Crown Cruise Vacations | November 28, 2020

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FAA Rule Changes: What do they mean?

FAA Rule Changes: What do they mean?

You may have heard the news in the last day that the FAA is seriously considering relaxing rules about whether that iPad or Kindle can be used during take-offs and landings. The New York Times, in fact, reports that an FAA review panel has basically said that passengers should be able to use the devices they want, whenever they want – which is good news for people with serious computer addictions.

The changes aren’t wholesale changes, and they aren’t a done deal yet. This was just a recommendation, and airlines may choose to keep old rules in place that are more stringent… but if the changes happen, here’s how your onboard experience can change.

Listening to that iPod, or watching a movie stored on your tablet? No problem… you’ll be able to enjoy your handheld devices at all points during flight. Using cellular technology will still be prohibited throughout flights, and wi-fi of course will only work when the airline wants it to work. And the FAA still wants that to be outside of initial take off and landing times.

Laptops will be probably be still off limits too, if only because you won’t be able to put the tray table down (that wasn’t up for review), and cell phones will still be airplane mode only. Although the FAA is cool with Wi-Fi in flight, they are still not going to consider cellular use because of lingering concerns over interference with the systems that actually run the plane.

It’s a big benefit to those who want to be more productive, or like us, just want to keep playing Bejeweled on our phones.