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Crown Cruise Vacations | March 3, 2021

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Jamaica’s Newest Destination Sensation

January 15, 2013 | Roger

Cruising into Jamaica has always been a bit of a challenge. Getting into Ocho Rios gives guests a great opportunity to visit Dunns River Falls, and Montego Bay has amazing beaches and a lot of fun places to visit. But until recently, guests have often had to choose doing one or the other. Now, though, Royal Caribbean has opened its new port – Falmouth, Jamaica – located between the two traditional port cities and offering a great option to experience more of the best that Jamaica has to offer. Read more...

New Destinations of 2013: Cuba

December 27, 2012 | Roger

It’s the big open secret in US travel these days. Not enough people know about it, but they should. American travelers can see Cuba again, despite the general embargo on our neighbor to the south. Now, there is a catch – this isn’t going to be the normal “fun in the sun” beach holiday that most Caribbean travel becomes. Cuba is open for US citizens to see, but only in person-to-person cultural exchange programs. Read more...

Secrets of St. Thomas: 3 Hidden Treasures

November 15, 2012 | Roger

St. Thomas has become one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean with virtually every single cruise ship stopping on this US Virgin Island at least once over the course of the sailing season. With all that traffic, one could be forgiven for thinking that every single inch of the island is explored and well-known, but we polled the office and came up with three great destinations on the island that are at least a bit off the beaten path. Read more...

What do you do on that Private Island anyway?

October 24, 2012 | Roger

Cruising the Caribbean, its hard to get excited about those private island destinations sometimes. It might just feel like another day at the beach when in reality, the ship’s pool might work just as well. But cruise lines are making these private destinations a real attraction and something worth visiting. Royal Caribbean has Labadee, off the coast of Haiti, and they make the client experience very special. Here’s a quick video about all the fun that Labadee has to offer. We’ll see you on the zip line! Read more...

Choosing Your Cruise Ship: When the Choice is Between a 5-Star Ship and a 5-Star Cabin

October 10, 2012 | Ross

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Choosing Your Cruise Ship: When the Choice is Between a 5-Star Ship and a 5-Star Cabin

Sophisticated Cruise Specialists at Crown Cruise Vacations Assist With the Ordinary and the Extraordinary 

Princeton, N.J. 
(Aug. 28, 2012) – So you’re thinking of taking a cruise, and you have to decide between a 4-star line and a 5-star line. If you go with the 5-star line, you can afford a nice, but mid-range suite. If you go with the 4-star line, you can afford a high-end, ultra-luxurious suite that makes you feel you are on a 5-star ship. Read more...